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Kiev Photography School – the leader of photography education in Ukraine.

We speak English and carry out classes for foringers which are interested in photography. Kiev Photography School is the first private school of photography in Ukraine. It was established in 2000. More than 10000 people became familiar with their photo cameras and are now proud of their shots wherever they go since our openning. 
360 of our graduates are now professional photographers, in charge of own photo studios and specializing in all kinds of photography. You can meet our graduate not only in Kiev, but in most of the world-known art&photography collages and institutes. 
Our schedule includes 20 photo courses and 10 photo workshops on different topics.

The benefits of training in our photography school:

  • A lot of practice, so you will understand, remember, and learn.
  • You will study photography in modern, comfortable classes in the centre of Kiev. You will get your practical lessons in huge, well-equipped studios. Our photoschool is the biggest school in Ukraine – It is about 500 sq.m. of Art-Space
  • Easily accessible, because the school is in the city center. Five minutes from the subway station "Olympic"
  • Take a rest and drink tea in our coffe-room. You may charge gadgets or enter free wi-fi  


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Why photography courses? What do you get out of it?

1. Photography is pleasure. It is for everyone.

It is not a privilege. Everyone can learn it and get great pleasure from the process and results. Everyone. The ability to learn to see is a gift we are born with. Let us repeat: everyone can do it. Photography investigates the truth, enriches out lives and adds beauty. And namely due to this the process our brain produces the substances of joy like Serotonin, Endorphins, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine.

2. Photography allows you to express yourself.

It allows you to communicate your ideas and your relationship to your surroundings and the world. Photography is our natural and modern tool of expression. To make a picture of something is often much faster and effective way of communication than verbal one. That is why photography is an international language.

3. Your awareness of your surroundings can get sharper. 

Photography makes us notice details, be more present. it produces an overall state of alertness that all of your other brain functions can use for improvement

4. It Increases intuition. 

Photography helps to harmonize your mind, to access the right side of your brain. Most people wind up as 80% analytical left brained problem solvers. More right brained activity allows for greater creative problem solving. Thus photography supports and develops creativity and brings about success

5. Your memory can improve.

When we need to figure something out or to remember, we photograph it. Learning photography can actually add synapses to your neurons. This means that memories and experiences stored in your brain can become stronger, more vivid, and easier to access. This practise rescue you from aging process. 

6. We are not claiming it’s easy.

Above we've wrote just a few «side effects» of learning photography. Learning to make impressive photography takes some time, consistency and patience. But it worth of it.

The program

Выездное занятие. Съемка модели при естественном освещении

Lesson 1. Project thinking in photography. Three ways of creating photobook. 

  1. Project thinking as the basis for your step-by-step progress. Topics for the final projects. Methods of idea generations. 
  2. Types of prints and popular formats of photobooks. 
  3. Step-by-step photobook assembly in Cyfrolab template software.
  4. Step-by-step photobook assembly in Photoshop.
  5. Snap review: draft setup in professional layout software Adobe InDesign. 

Lesson 2. Principles of light setting. 

  1. How to choose equipment for your project. 
  2. ways to measure exposure (multi-zone, spot, center-weighted average).
  3. Latitude. Understanding histograms.
  4. Main sources of studio lighting: key, fill-in, back, background.  
  5. Choosing best type of light for your idea. 
  6. Working with non-professional model. 
  7. light-forming headers and caps  (umbrellas, softboxed, reflectors) 
    Practice: studio shooting 

Lesson 3. Speedlight.

  1. When you really need a speedlight (events of different characters) 
  2. Types and constructive perculiarities of speedlight  
  3. Choosing the right shooting mode for your speedlight  (TTL,M).
  4. Secrets of successful speedlight implementation: working with reflected light.
  5. How to take into account specifics of different interiors. 

Practice: shooting with speedlights 

Lesson 4. Composition in the portrait.

  1. Cropping portraits.
  2. How to analyse model's face and choose correct angle of shooting. 
  3. Statics and dynamics in portrait. 
  4. Principles of filling the image.   
  5. Means of expression in portrait. 
  6. How to use and set up hands in portrait. 

Lesson 5. Shooting model in plain air. Outdoor class.

  1. Rules of light metering in complicated shooting conditions.
  2. How to choose the best focal range and build up perspective in accordance with your idea. 
  3. Choosing between various angles and how to take locations into account. 

Lessong 6. Basics of black-and-white photography. 

  1. Peculiarities of perception of bw image. When it's more preferable than color. Comparing bw and color photography.
  2. Means of self-expression in BW photography. Light and shadow. Tones and halftones. Tone contrast. 
  3. Creating digital BW image in Photoshop.  
  4. BW works of famous photographers. 

Practice: retro style portrait shooting 

Lesson 7. Studio shooting. Practice. Part 1. 

  1. Basics of shooting in hard and soft lighting. 
  2. Complex light schemes. 
  3. Working with passive and active sources of light. 
  4. Flags and frosts.

Practice: setting up complex light scheme. model shooting 

Lesson 8. Studio shooting. Practice. Part 2. 

  1. Discussion of the material shot for the  photobook. 
  2. preparation for self-guided practice of the group in studio: discussion of the project, testing light schemes 

Lesson 9. Self-guided practice of the group in studio  (under teacher supervision).

  1. Analysing idea and setting shooting task. 
  2. light scheme set up  (without assistance)
  3. Studio shooting 

Lesson 10. Defence of course projects. Graduation. 

  1. passing theory test. 
  2. defence of graduation project (photobook) 
  3. getting certificates and diplomas for the best project.

Enroll Now – an individual lesson for $80. Group session - $ 480 (group can not be less than 5 people) 

Call 050 299-0-729 (Julia), or 099 227-4-226 (Dmitry) to ask questions


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