Make your dreams come true in Kiev! Our most popular Basic Photography course is available now in English. Both beginners and amateurs photographers are most welcome to photography classes! No “talking heads” online – only personalized communication, vivid discussions and new friends. Doubting your level? We’ll help to find it out. Come over and fill in the test in the Kyiv Photography School – the first photo school in Ukraine. 

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Do you want to make more Memorable, Amazing, Inspiring Photographs? Thake a course and learn how to take the kind of photograph you’ll want to share in social networks, to print, inframe and pass on to the next generation. In this photography for beginners class, you’ll learn the principles of good beginner and intermediate photography and get the skills necessary to create amazing photos.

You will also gain a solid understanding of must-know lighting and composition techniques. Our teachers will guide you through the process of positioning yourself and your subject so you capture the best photo possible with the camera you have – no additional gear needed.

If you want to take more memorable and inspiring photographs of your travels, your friends and family, or the great outdoors, this photography for beginners class is for you. You’ll learn how to transform average pictures into amazing photographs and gain the ground necessary to continue your photography education. 

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  • In a group  - €320 per person for the whole course (25h) 
  • Individual lesson   -  €80 for 2 hours lesson
  • Individual lesson for a couple - €140 (for both) per lesson (2,5 h)
  • Individual course  - €700 (10 lessons of the course) 
  • What do you get: 10 lessons (25 hours) and Lifetime access: anywhere, anytime to our teacher's consuling 100% satisfaction guarantee

Call 050 299-0-729 (Julia), or 099 227-4-226 (Dmitry) to ask questions. 

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Course Program 

Lesson 1. Introduction to photography

  1. Photography as art.
  2. History of photography invention. Stages of development and interesting facts.
  3. Cameras and its classification. Classification according to the frame. Modern film cameras.
  4. Digital cameras (crop factor concept).
  5. ISO and white balance.
  6. Formats of digital files .

Lesson 2. Shutter speed and aperture.

  1. Focus in photography.
  2. What’s exposure?
  3. «Motion blur» and «freezing» the objects
  4. Aperture and Shutter Priority Modes
  5. Optical blur and detalization of background textures.
  6. What is Bokeh and How It Affects Your Images.
  7. Practical part: Shooting with aperture and shutter speed priority.
  8. Practice at home: «Freeze» moving objects. Blur the background behind your model. Make some images with «motion blur».  

Lesson 3. Determination of exposure.

  1. What is exposure.
  2. Exposure Stops in Photography.
  3. Standard series of exposure stops.
  4. The Exposure Triangle: aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
  5. F-stop exposure table
  6. Shooting with the «P» mode (Program mode).
  7. Exposure compensation.

Lesson 4. Working with lenses.

  1. Lesson test on «Shutter speed, Aperture, Exposure»
  2. Types of Lenses and How They Are Used
  3. What Is Focal Length in Photography?
  4. The Camera Lens Aperture
  5. Depth of Field for Beginners

Lesson 5. Basics of composition.

  1. Lesson test on «Lenses» 
  2. Harmony, contrast.
  3. Golden section. 
  4. Rule of thirds. How to use and break.
  5. Active points and lines.
  6. Equilibrium and symmetry.
  7. Visual dynamic. Properties of lines.
  8. Analysis of the compositional construction of the frame on examples.

Lesson 6. Shooting in natural light.

  1. Peculiarities of shooting in the open air. Nature does not have bad weather.
  2. Lenses and focal length for outdoor session.
  3. Exposure metering methods.
  4. Using light filters. Watch the  video "On the unique property of a polarizing filter in 1 min."
  5. Tripods, monopods.
  6. Viewpoint and Perspective in Photographic Composition.

Lesson 7. The Basics of Studio Lighting in Photography

  1. The importance of light in art photography.
  2. What is the best light for taking pictures? Natural and artificial light.
  3. The lights in a studio: continuous lighting or strobe.
  4. Soft and hard light.
  5. Studio equipment. Umbrellas, softboxes, reflectors, etc.
  6. Key Light and Fill Light

Lesson 8. Studio Practical Photography for Absolute Beginners

  1. Test for the lesson «Fundamentals of working with light»
  2. Your Personal Practiсe with Strobe.
  3. Basic Butterfly Lighting Set-up
  4. A Reliable Two Light Setup
  5. Essential Portrait Photography Techniques and Tips.

Lesson 9. Your Personal Practice in Studio.

  1. Analysis of the acquired skills.
  2. The practice of footage review and selection of best photo.
  3. The Beginner's Guide to Culling and Why We Do It
  4. Practice on your own with studio light. 
  5. Set up a simple light scheme.

Lesson 10. Final Test. Your First Photo Contest. Sertification

  1. Twenty questions E-Test. The discussion of the results and right answers. 
  2. The Photo Contest in the categories: portrait, landscape, reportage. Photos will need to be printed.
  3. Awarding of diplomas for the best photo in each genre. 
  4. Presentation of certificates of successful completion of the course

You can take the program of this or other  photo courses individually 


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Call 050 299-0-729 (Julia), or 099 227-4-226 (Dmitry) to ask questions